How to Feel Better & Happier Instantly
Even if you feel emotionally low &
completely stuck right now? 

​21 paintings, 92 pages Designed to Guide you towards a Happier & more Balanced Life!

Working with my Book is Easy, Fun & Effective!

3 Powerful Healing Tools & 21 Unique Paintings with High Vibrational Energies 

To help you get More Confidence, have a Calmer, More Creative Mind and More Balanced Emotions for a Happy & Successful Life
Activate Your Healing Power

The Basics                

In the first part of the book you get insights into the basics of energy healing: the human energy field, energy centres and you learn about some essential energy tools.

Manifest "by design"

Recipe for Success 

For each course, ask yourself:

Law of Attraction - are you speaking the language of the Universe? Learn how!

Receive channelled messages

Let Your Intuition Be Your Guide 

My paintings take over in this part of my book along with the written version of the messages arrived my paintings. 

Use colours like a pro


Lift your mood, reduce physical symptoms... access the secrets of Eastern Wisdom on how to vitalise your organs and strengthen related positive emotions through a Qigong Colour Meditation!

Connect with Angels 

Connect to the Divine 

A little bit about Angels and how these amazing Divine Beings can assist in your success.

Work on Your Chakras

Help Yourself  

All the tools you need to sculpt the energies of your chakras you find in the last chapter. Whether you use your mind mainly or let your intuition take over you will benefit by learning how to adjust the energies of your chakra centres.

About the Author

Hi, I am Eva, Energy Therapist & Artist. I sculpt women's Energy Blueprint with Energy Tools, similarly to a makeup artist, emphasising your best features.  However instead of your physical beauty, I focus on your soul, pealing off your limiting beliefs, emotional baggage... to set the Real You FREE. My method is fusing Eastern Wisdom with Western Living, logic and intuition, science and spirituality, tons of energy tools, including my handmade healing crystal jewellery and energy art and a hint of magic.

I have been practising in the holistic healing arena for 6 years. I haven't always been an energy therapist and artist. I have a bachelors degree in commercial economics. 12 years ago I have changed countries and put far too much pressure on myself trying to fulfil my own extremely high expectations, and making others' happiness my responsibility. As a result I got depressed... This very unpleasant experience became a mile stone in my life.

I discovered my healing abilities and when got healed, I made it my mission to help others. I learnt from the best in the field, spiritual leaders, energy healers, psychic artists...

Manage Your Energies! Lift Your Mood! Receive Guidance! Start Today!

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Become Empowered, Change How You Feel with Powerful Tools You can Implement Straight Away

Manage How You Feel with Easy to Use Energy Tools, so you can be happy right now

Use Colours, the purest healing energy of the Universe through Colour Vibrations and  Colour Affirmations to shift your emotions.

Build Trust in Your Intuition / Your Inner Wisdom to find the way out of your problem

My powerful channelled paintings contain energies and messages from the angels to guide you on your path and help you find solutions to your problems through your intuition. 

Program Your Powerful Mind for Success rather than Failure by Looking after Your Thoughts

With the help of Positive Affirmations, you are learning the language of the Universe and how to work with the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in your life.

This book not only addresses your physical body, but it talks to all levels of Your Being: Mind, Body & Soul, so you get results quickly and easily, involving the invisible parts of your Energy System.

An entire chapter of the book is providing you with all the tools necessary to achieve this by working with your chakra / energy centres in different ways, on a deeper level.

Channelled Paintings with messages - Use them as Mini Oracle Cards to get daily guidance

The way I created the paintings you see in my book is most similar to psychic art. When I created them, I became a channell for Divine messages, which appeared partially on paper, partially I received them with words. Therefore most of my paintings I incorporated in the book come with detailed messages. You can use these paintings two different ways:
1. Ask a specific or a general question and open the book to find the answer for it.
2. At the end of the book there is a sheet with the miniature version of the paintings. You can print and cut them out to use them as a miniature oracle card deck to find answers and/or carry with you the energies of the paintings. 

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

A truly unique experience...

"As I looked at one of Eva's healing art I could feel the energy of it coming off the page... I found the tears started to prick the back of my eyes and my heart began to swell. I have never reacted to a piece of art in quite this way before. I asked Eva the meaning of the piece... it was something very relevant to me. Eva had somehow managed to incorporate a huge amount of healing energy into her work and as I looked at it I was able to receive it. A truly unique experience and testament to the power of her work.” 

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I love Eva's paintings...

"Beautiful Paintings with healing energy. The book is already open at the Heart Chakra with The Angel of Love painting, next to my bed."

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Eva's artwork stimulates my body and soul through the vivacious fields of colourful abstraction...

"Eva's artwork stimulates my body and soul through the vivacious fields of colourful abstraction. They create an inner calm, peacefulness and an energised outlook of my life... When I saw Eva's artwork of Archangel Michael I got shivers... this is how I see him, when I sense his presence..."


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Soft Cover / Paperback

Flexible, high-gloss, laminated cover

Size: 7"x7" / 18cmx18cm

92 pages​

Pages inside: Smooth semi-matt finish​
Durable library binding
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Hard Cover

Hard Cover with Matte finish

Size: 7"x7" / 18cmx18cm

92 pages​

Pages inside: Smooth semi-matt finish​
Durable library binding
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