Shift Your Energies On The Go with Handmade Healing Crystal Jewellery

Manage how you feel with a help of gemstones / semi-precious stones made into jewellery - FREE DOWNLOAD

Eva Maria Hunt

Eva is an Energy Therapist & Artist. She is specialising in helping women to get to know Who they really are and Find out how they can become the best version of themselves, using Energy Tools, such as Eva's Handmade Healing Crystal Jewellery, Energy Art, Visualisations..., Psychology, Eastern Medicine, The Laws of The Universe, Science and Spirituality.

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed or away with the fairies? 

  • Come down to Earth with the help of my healing crystal jewellery.

Feeling drained after a shopping trip or attending an event? 

  • Be prepared, energetically protected wearing the right gemstones

Could do with strengthening your confidence muscles?

  • Learn which crystal can help you!

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Find out which crystal, how and when to wear:

  • to Balance How You Feel!
  • to Stop Energy Drain!
  • to Feel More Confident!

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