Are You Stressed Out? Can't Find Inner Peace?Use The Energies of Colours to Raise Your Vibration 

With the Help of This Book You can

  • Calm down and Relax
  • Lift Your Mood & Balance Your Emotions
  • Balance Your Chakras & Correct The Energy Flow in Your Energy Body

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MollieOxfordshire, UK

“I love Eva's Chakra Angels book. It's on my bedside table, open at different pages all the time. I am still amazed every time I look at her paintings how powerful they are. I used to be drawn to the same picture, the Angel of Love for a while, and recently, when I fell physically ill, my preference changed from the soft Pink & Peach shades to Emerald Green & suddenly I started working with her Angel of Healing painting. Amazing. I can recommend her book to anyone, who loves Angels & colours. ”

Chakra Angels Healing Book is a Collection of Specifically Channelled Healing Paintings to Balance Your Energy Field with

Healing Colours

Colours are part of the Life Giving Light. They are the purest healing force of the Universe, vibrating on different frequencies, working with your chakra centres, shifting your energy physically, emotionally & mentally.

Positive Affirmations

They harmonise your thoughts & emotions adjusting your frequency to attract what you wish to have in your life.

The Help of Angels

Through Eva's channelled paintings you can connect with the Angels & receive healing energy vibrations via your 6th sense & colours.

Claire Oxfordshire, UK

“I am very pleased by the high quality of Eva's book. I didn't expect such sturdy and thick pages and bright, rich colours and the frosted book cover is just stunning. I bought it for a friend, who likes Angels, as a "Get Well" gift. I am very happy with it.”

7 Chakras, 8 Paintings, Bright Colours & Beautiful Vibrations for Inspiration, Health & Happiness

* Powerful Paintings Channelled from the Angelic Realm

* Healing Energies to Shift Your Vibrations

* Fortified with Positive Affirmations for Each Chakra​

* The Book is Simple, Easy and Fun to Use

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About the Author: Eva Maria Hunt

With a background in Holistic Healing, Hands on Energy Therapy and Law of Attraction Coaching Eva's passion is to help people to step into their inner power and reach their full potential. In the last 5 years she has helped hundreds of people with her healing practice and customers with her healing products (healing crystal jewellery & energy art) enabling them to tackle life's daily challenges better, becoming emotionally balanced, more productive at work, find their passion and letting their creativity blossom both in their private and work life. Her aim is to teach her clients healing tools and create healing products,  they can use, as and when they need them to become healthier and be able to lead a more rewarding life. 

An Easy to Use Tool to Shift Your Energy Instantly and Help Developing Your Intuition

* 8"x 6" (A5 ) - The perfect size to take it with you wherever you go.

* High-end, Layflat Photo Book - To allow you to enjoy the full images.

* Rich, High-Density Natural Colours - To radiate the healing energy.

* Beautiful, thick, textured hard cover - To make it durable.

* 20 thick, rigid pages - To enable you to use it daily.

* Library binding - For strong, lasting structure.

You can buy this healing book for less than a price of one energy therapy session and you can use it, whenever you need it. It can also make a unique gift for someone, who loves Energy Art and the Angels or can be a beautiful "Get Well" present…

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