Reiki FREE Distant Healing Terminating at Midnight 8th July 2019

Service terminating at Midnight (GMT, London) on 8th July 2019 - Reiki Distant Healing for FREE


After 7 years of sending group Reiki healing to more than 2000 people all over the world, I have decided to terminate this service at midnight (GMT, London) on Monday 8th July 2019.

People find it interesting to learn Reiki healing can be sent to people who are physically in different location.

How is it possible? Energy can travel through time and distance. It can be sent to anywhere on our planet. Our energy body, the aura is collecting the energy from our environment and passes it on to our energy centres, the chakras. They distribute it to different areas in our body. This high frequency energy fills up your body and helps moving out stagnant energy or blockages from your system.

It can heal physical and emotional pain or get you into a state of deep relaxation. I meet many people at fayres, when offer taster sessions, who are tense at all times and find it impossible to relax. This is actually quite dangerous, it can lead to stress building up in their body, which is the underlying cause for many illnesses.

Below you find all the important information and frequently asked questions regarding your distant group healing session. Please do read it carefully, as I have hundreds of people on my healing list and I don’t have the resources to keep answering the same questions. Thank you.

How to sign up?

I respect people’s will, therefore I only send energy to those, who personally request it. Please fill out the form provided below with your first name, your location (town and country) and your email address. Then you will receive an email asking for your confirmation.

You need to click the link provided there for you to be included to receive this wonderful healing energy.

Important! Change in FREE Healing Service from 20/05/2018, because of new GDPR regulations

The GDPR data protection policy created some rules, which requires lot of extra work in handling data. To make my life easier I decided to simplify things.  So I offer my free distant healing service for as long as you are in need of it, until further notice.

Indefinite length of healing sessions, as described & you decide when to unsubscribe

What has changed?

The length of the service.

Originally I offered

  • 20 minute distant group healing session
  • for 4 consecutive Mondays.
  • Session started at 7.30pm (GMT London) finished at 7.50pm (GMT London)

Now you can have

  • the above described healing sessions
  • for as many Mondays, as you wish.
  • It also means you MUST UNSUBSCRIBE, or request via email: to be removed from my healing list, when you decide you no longer wish to receive healing from me.
  • I reserve the right to terminate my free service any time.

If in the meantime you signed up for any other of my mailing lists or online courses, etc. your subscription to them won’t be affected. You still will receive information from me in those subjects, until you unsubsrcibe of those lists as well.

To sum it up

If you want to receive more distant Reiki healing

1. you don’t need to do anything right now.

2. However you MUST unsubscribe at a later date, when you no longer wish to receive Reiki Distant healing from me any more. Alternatively send me an email to remove you from my list. Email:

If you do not wish to receive more healing from me

1. please click on UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of this email

2. or send me an email to remove you from my list. Email:

To read my new Privacy Policy, please click here. 


What do I need to do to be able to receive Reiki energy?
Please choose a room somewhere you won’t be disturbed for 20 minutes. It is best to lay down in a quiet room. Cover yourself with a blanket, because during the relaxation your body temperature can drop. You can light a candle or an insence stick, put on some relaxing music. Take some deep breaths and be open for receiving this wonderful healing energy.
Which Monday will my distant healing start and what time?

To help people to unwind or to ease their pain, whether it’s emotional or physical I have decided to allocate 20 minutes every Monday to Reiki distant healing, when I send energy to those who are in need for it. If you sign up, you receive Free Distant healing for 20 minutes every Monday until you unsubscribe or send me an email to take you off the list.

The healing session starts at 19:30 GMT (London, UK) on Mondays.

Example: Let’s say you sign up today, which is Thursday 14th July. Your first healing session will be on the closest Monday i.e. on 18th July at 19:30 GMT (london, UK).


Link to check out local times and see the time difference

The time conversion can be confusing sometimes and it changes according to the energy saving time… Here is a link to check out local times in different areas of the world at any time. Click here 

(or look up

How to Find My Local Time for Free Distant Reiki Healing on Mondays at 19:30 GMT (London, UK)?

Click on this link to search for your local time

How to search? Here is an example if you live let’s say in Orlando, USA:

  1. You click the above link and type in the search field for example USA, Orlando, Florida
  2. Press search
  3. It gives you a list of time zones in the USA, and on the top you see the one you have searched for: Thurs 3:12
  4. As my time in London UK currently is 08:12 in the morning, and the search result shows Thursday 3:12 in your area that means you are 5 hours behind my time.
  5. So on Mondays, when I do healing at 19:30 GMT in London, in your time zone it will be 14:30 in the afternoon.

or you can use the Time Converter

or here is  Your local time for Sydney, Australia, Budapest, Hungary, New Delhi, India, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Davis, USA and London,UK

What happens if my healing time falls to the middle of the night in my time zone or during the day, when I am at work?
If your local time falls to the night in your time zone, so you will not be able to stay awake for the session, please do not worry. All you need to do is before you go to sleep:
1. Take some deep breaths
2. Create a mindset that allows you to receive the healing energies when you sleep by simply affirming “I receive the healing energies even though I am asleep” and / or by visualizing White light pouring into your body as a waterfall, washing away all the negative thoughts, emotions, energies and finally filling you up with beautiful healing energies on every level of your being.
If you are at work and it’s not possible to take an earlier or a later lunch break, when you can go to a quiet place, and can spend 20 minutes, meditating, relaxing, then you just need to have the intention of downloading the healing energies, when you are at home, after work. Imagine that the healing light I am sending is gathering in an invisible bubble in your room at home. So when you are ready, you walk into that room, light a candle, put on some relaxing music, and have the intention to receive the healing light, which you can visualise: “White light pouring down from the invisible energy bubble into your body as a waterfall, washing away all the negative thoughts, emotions, negative energies and finally filling you up with beautiful healing light on every level of your being.”

Guarantee: There is no scientific proof, nor can I give any of our guarantees that healing will work for you in any way that you may expect. The most I can say is that it will be a pleasurable experience and you will feel completely relaxed following the treatment. You should not stop any medications or treatments, nor should you ignore any advice your GP has given you. All forms of holistic healing are complimentary to any care or treatments you may already be receiving for any ongoing or new ailments.

Do you wish to DONATE?
I receive requests from time to time, from some of you, who is wishing to donate money in exchange of the healing received.

I believe in the balance of giving and receiving. When I learnt Reiki I was taught the importance of this energy exchange i.e. when you give healing a “Thank you”, a “hug”, or energy in the form of money, a form of gratitude from the recipient is completing this energy exchange.

I surely receive many emails with thank you-s and gratitudes from you, for the service I provide, which I really appreciate.

If you wish to donate I would be very grateful.

You can do it by clicking the button below. You can donate any amount. All you need to do is to type the amount in, when asked. Then click the “login” to PayPal button and proceed with the payment, as usual. Or if you do not have a PayPal account you can complete the donation via card payment.

Thank you. With Love, Light and Blessings