Raising Consciousness

What is consciousness? 

“Conscioussness is an expanding entity.” ( Russel Brand, Comidian, Actor)

What is conscious evolution?

“We have a potential to design our own evolution. It has never happened before.” (Justin Robenstein, Facebook Engineer)

“The shift on Planet Earth requires a critical mass of people saying YES to the inner shift.” (Barbara Marx Hubbard)

“There is no dream too big! There is no challenge we can not overcome.” (Peter Diamandis, Founder – X Prize Foundation)

“Give the better you, the real you a chance. ” (Arcbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)

Why to raise consciousness?

“Making a change, making the world a better place is not only your responsibility it is your joy, your blessing, your gift. It’s your opportunity to make your life mean something, So take it.” (Derrick N. Ashong, A.K.A. DNA, New Media Activist, Musician)

“THE SHIFT Movie shines a light on the magnificence of the human spirit and imagination to overcome adversity. The film presents stories of cultural and technology breakthroughs as well as stories of ordinary individuals doing extraordinary and courageous things to move our culture into the future with peace, love, well being and vision.”

Find out more about the film, its production, the team, the advisers and alliances… here: https://www.theshiftmovie.com/