My art is all about vibrant energy and bold colours. As I channel my paintings, I don’t have a certain style, as such. The binding force between them is that all are emotionally moving artworks, and they connect you with your soul through the energy encoded in every single one of them. They are like Marmite, people either love them or hate them. 🙂

I have a different website dedicated to my art, where I unite art with colour therapy and numerology.

Holistic colours art For Your Soul to remember

Find out more about who you are through the energy of colours hidden in your date of birth, and the letters of your name!

Colour Energy Signature – Holistic Colour Art

Your Personal Colour Chart – Holistic Colour Art

Your Personal Colour Art – Holistic Colour Art



Looking for art gifts?

Personalised Artwork for couples: weddings, engagement, wedding anniversary: Hummingbirds – Celebrating Love – Holistic Colour Art


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