2020 a Soulful Year

2019 was the year of creativity, connection and cooperation. 2020 is about carrying out the change, we have planted the seeds for, and creating balance and stability inside and around us.


Here is a general reading that looks back on 2019 and ahead to the New Year’s potential.

2019 in summary was an emotionally charged year with lots of ups and downs, struggles, frustration and sadness and some happy break troughs.

You took on the lessons and learnt that the heaviness of the past can keep you prisoner, so you must focus on being present, being grateful for what you have and find the joy and happiness of every moment.

To be successful in 2020

you need to allow your sensitivity and intuition to take centre stage. As you take responsibility for your life, you leave the victim mentality behind, for good. To achieve that keep checking in whether you act from love or fear. Shine your light, victory is ahead.

Your aspirations for 2020 is to be clear, logical and strategic. Which doesn’t mean you have to push your emotions down, it is just a different way of being, allowing your mind and heart work in connection and synchronicity.

What empowers you…

in reaching your goals is being in touch with who you are, following your heart and being passionate, vibrant, expressive, creative.

What stands in the way…

of you achieving these goals are being dragged down by your old relationship, feeling betrayed, back stabbed, so you must focus on your ability to let go.

As the underlying energy for the year, the strength card suggests, you are stepping into your power and taming your ego to manifest your vision. As a result you can put your burdens down and close a difficult cycle. There is romantic love and partnership in relationship coming your way, or deepening, if you are already a couple. You are celebrating life, coming together with like-minded people, connected to your emotions, daring to be vulnerable.

4 important areas of your life and what you can expect from them in general, in a nutshell:

  • You relationship and emotions in 2020 – Passion for life, love, purpose.
  • You career, work and finances – Abundance, creativity, feminine power.
  • Your health & well-being – cooperation, teamwork allows you to stay healthy and balanced.
  • Your spiritual energy and fulfilment – self-love, divine love and support, new beginnings emotionally.

What you need to focus on in the New Year is to keep breaking down old patterns and limiting beliefs. You must learn to believe in yourself and connect with your soul. Your biggest lesson in 2020 is to juggle different areas and create balance in your finances. Where you are headed in 2020 is passionate new beginnings in your job/business/purpose and relationship.

The Advice for the New Year

Change your life! Embrace the opportunities that change brings! You can reach your goals and dreams. Long term relationship, abundance, harmonious family life, love is possible for you.

You must focus on your vision and dreams. Keep in mind what is good for the collective good, and watch out for illusions inside and around you.  Reflect on the past objectively. File away what needs to be in the past without judgement and know that your past doesn’t define you. It simply is a series of experiences you learnt from. If you follow the advice, Abundance will be your reward.

Have a Soulful & Successful 2020!


What is your happy?

This is a general reading, outlining the energies, available to all of us in 2020. If you wish to have your own personal reading for the year ahead click the link: Your year ahead – in-depth reading for 2020 and chose your reading: future telling or energy forecast. The earlier you request your reading, the more you save!

I look forward to read for you!

With love