Holistic Approach to Abundance

How to Harness The Law of Attraction to Your Advantage

Eva Maria Hunt, Energy Therapist, Artist, Law of Attraction Practitioner

With a background in Holistic Healing, Hands on Energy Therapy, Conscious Living, Law of Attraction Coaching my passion is to help women to step into their inner power and reach their full potential. I uplift, inspire and empower them. My aim is to provide them with practical tools too to enable them to change their life style and make better choices in every area of their life.

When I work with my clients I show them the world and themselves through special lenses, the way they might have never seen or even could imagine it before. I show them the difference in their potential between:

o when they are thinking and believing they are equivalent with their physical body, separated from the Universe, powerless and limited in what they can do,

compared to:

o when they believe they are spirit in a human body, so they can align with their higher self, their souls’ purpose and become limitless. This way they can finally start working towards their Divine Blueprint, their full potential.

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Energy Therapy Sessions


Energy Therapy Package

4 Sessions - ideally once a week, spread over maximum of 2 months

Duration 75 minutes each

Reiki Therapy combined with Qi Gong for Health Self-Healing Art and / or Crystal Healing

I do the work, you relax

  • Stress relief
  • Pain Relief
  • Emotional Healing
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Energy Boost
  • Inner Peace
  • Raising Your Vibration
  • Moving Energy Blockages

£199 / package

One Off sessions: £60.00 / session

You SAVE £41.00​

Combined LOA Sessions


Energy Therapy & Coaching Package - MOST EFFECTIVE!

6 Sessions - ideally 2 weeks apart, spread over max. of 5 months

Duration 2 hours each

Law of Attraction Coaching combined with Reiki Therapy

  • Enjoy all the benefits of the Energy Therapy detailed in the previous package along with Law of Attraction Coaching
  • When you receive Reiki Therapy your energy vibration raises. However you can only hold onto it in long term, if you are incorporating new energy habits in your daily life. And that you can learn with the Law of Attraction Coaching part of this amazing combo.

£749 / package

One Off sessions: £150.00 / session

You SAVE £151.00

Law of Attraction Sessions


Coaching Package

6 Sessions - ideally every 2 - 3 weeks apart, spread over maximum of 5 months

Duration: 90 minutes each

Law of Attraction Coaching

  • Learn to adjust your energy vibration
  • Transform your negative thinking patterns 
  • Let go of damaging emotions
  • Work through your limiting beliefs
  • Learn techniques to maintain your higher frequency

£469 / package

One Off sessions: £95.00 / session

You SAVE £101.00

Find out more about the different sessions by clicking on the therapy you are interested in.

KerryCombined LOA Session

Thank you so much for the healing session. Your warmth, compassion and gentleness is so very much appreciated, whilst at the same time I enjoy you challenging me and encouraging me along the journey of self-discovery. I feel relaxed. I really am feeling to learn and love myself.

Claire Energy Therapy Session

Eva is an incredibly warm and intuitive lady. I have left each session feeling energised and alive. I would thoroughly recommend Eva. She is an amazing person.

MarieLaw of Attraction Coaching Session

Since I have been working with Eva, as my Law of Attraction coach, I feel stronger, calmer, more confident and more creative.