Intuition, Angels and Oracle Cards Workshop

  • 10:00 -12:00 Saturday,  Date – to be confirmed
  • Venue – to be confirmed
  • Places are limited. Booking is essential. Price: £25.00
  • Booking opens soon.

NEW! If you live locally (approx. 10 miles radius of Thame, Oxfordshire, UK) and are interested in hosting this workshop in your home for your friends and family, please get in touch.

Your Intuition

Your intuition, inner voice is constantly nudging you, talking to you. This is the voice of your Higher Self / Soul. The problem is that you are pushing it aside, you are ignoring it. Partly because you do not trust it, and partly because your ego driven mind is so much louder, more logical, and you don’t know how to quiet it down, so you can hear your inner voice, when you actually want to listen.

Divine Helpers

Give yourself a chance to open up and experience a different way of accessing your inner wisdom and make friends with amazing Divine helpers, who can’t wait to work with you.

Why ?

Because you are a soul in a human vessel. You arrived on Earth with a certain plan to follow, which you decided on, before your arrival. And you were born with all the inner knowledge and wisdom that you need in this lifetime to succeed on Earth. However in the Western World most of us were brought up without developing our intuition. And I believe if you are reading this, you are not an exception either.

Your inner compass is crucial to guide you in what is good for you, which path to go down, how to get to your destination… Therefore if you are not listening to your intuition, you can easily get lost in life, getting swayed by others’ dreams and influences, which results in going on unnecessary D-tours.


And there is more. The Universe really has your back. It is full of amazing energy beings, who are so happy to help you, guide you, protect you. You got it, I am talking about angels here, but just for the record, they are not the only beings assisting you.

Angels are made of light. Some see them as an orb, a gorgeous, luminous ball of light… Angels are vibrating on a much higher frequency than we, humans do. So it takes a little getting used to how to sense them and how to communicate with them.

I have been working with various oracle cards and the angels for 10 years now. During this time I have introduced many of my clients to amazing beings, like Archangel Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and so on, depending on what kind of assistance they were in need of.

I believe that working with oracle cards help you to develop and trust your intuition. The more you work with them the better you get at listening to your inner guidance and or building close relationships with members of the Angelic realm.

They also help you feel protected, safe, confident and you will notice that your self-worth start increasing too.

My own channelled paintings, book and angel cards

Being an artist I have channelled many paintings, drawings during the years from angels. They are pouring down light, in the form of light (colours) and sending their love and support to us through the energy vibrations of the paintings. And during the creation of the artworks there are actual messages coming through. I gathered some of them in my book: Vibrational Healing with Colours and Angel Art, which contains 21 of my paintings and a DIY oracle card deck at the back. Recently I have added a few more paintings in the form of oracle cards. The extended deck will be available to buy at the workshop.

My book also exists in a pdf format. (£3.00)
Buy Now

If you purchase the pdf version before the workshop starts, you will receive a link to the extended and updated mini oracle card deck in a printable version for FREE. So you could print it out and bring it with you to the workshop for a chance to practice with your own cards too.

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • your 6th sense (psychic senses) and its qualities
  • how to create a ritual for better connection with your intuition
  • an effective way to communicate with your higher self (non-angelic oracle cards)
  • angels in general
  • some of the archangels and ways to invoke them
  • how to ask for angelic protection and related crystals
  • how to make an altar and choose a place for angelic connection
  • a relaxing guided visualisation / meditation to connect with angels
  • reading angel cards to receive guidance from the angels, hands on exercise.

I will bring my large collection of oracle cards to the workshop, so you have a chance to work with different decks and have a feel for which one you can connect with easier.

There will be a possibility to buy / order products:

  • Angel Art Oracle Card decks with my own channelled paintings
  • My Books
  • Angel Posters – professional prints of my artworks
  • Healing Crystals (tumbled stones, pebbles) and handmade healing crystal jewellery made by me










I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

With love