Energy Tools, Guided Visualisations

Introduction to my new video series to attract abundance into your life

Feel Relaxed, Get Your Energies  Cleansed and Vitalised with Reiki


FREE Healing, guided visualisation infused with Reiki energy

This guided visualisation helps you, when you feel

  • out of balance,
  • emotionally overwhelmed,
  • slightly depressed, sad, frustrated, agitated,
  • mentally tired, etc.

Listen to it any time, when you are in need of re-setting your energies and for general relaxation…

As a result your energy field will be cleansed and you are able to receive the healing energy waves of Reiki that was present during this recording. Enjoy!

How your ego blocks the flow of unconditional love? – watch my video on You Tube


FREE Download (PDF file) – Resilience – coherence technique to feel love

This exercise from HeartMath Institute helps to

  • connect your mind and heart, so you can get out of your head and
  • feel LOVE (appreciation, kindness, gratitude, compassion), a high vibrational feeling.

The more you do it, the more it accumulates. You can use this exercise in any situation, as many times during the day, as you wish. With time you create coherence in your energy system and resilience, so you can handle stress and emotionally difficult situations much better.

Resilience – coherence technique (PDF)

How to move from fear state to love vibration? – watch this video on You Tube


Meet your soul to fill up with love

guided visualisation (MP3/audio file)

$3.33 (approx. £2.86)

Connected – The epic journey between 3D and 5D by Eva Maria Hunt

This guided visualisation takes you to the 5th dimension, where you meet your soul. It aids you in raising your vibration and takes you out of fear state, so the flow of unconditional love can be restored.


What is wrong with not being able to Say NO? – Watch this video on You Tube


Drinking from the spring of Unconditional Love

guided visualisation (MP3/audio file)

$3.33 (approx. £2.86)

Waterfall by Eva Maria Hunt

This guided visualisation allows you to relax, cleanse your energy field, by letting go of unwanted thoughts and emotions, and fills you up with the energy of unconditional love. So you can raise your vibration and see the world from a different view point to make decisions from love rather than fear.


Self-love is being there for yourself, doesn’t matter what Watch my video on You Tube


Walking from Fear to Unconditional Love

FREE guided visualisation (MP3/audio file)

The Loving Heart by Eva Maria Hunt

Is showing your emotions a weakness? – Watch my video on You Tube

Are you trying to fit in with society’s expectations? Creating inner conflict and experiencing self-doubt and low self-worth? Let’s talk about the masculine and feminine values and how emotions fit into this picture!


How to break through your limitations to attract the reality you want?


Break through your limitations (mp3) audio file

Mind, Body, Soul by Eva Maria Hunt

How to handle anxiety in a holistic way?



Breathing exercise to calm anxiety (mp3)

Calm by Eva Maria Hunt