Guided Visualisations

Guided visualisation is a form of meditation. This is usually an easy one to start with, as you are being guided what to do, so clues, hints are being incorporated for your mind to fill in the gaps. It is almost like listening to a fairy tale. Your mind creates the visuals based on what you here.

Guided visualisation

How guided visualisations help you?

When you are listening to a guided visualisation, you are occupied by listening and imagining what you are being told. It creates many positive effects.

  1. Your thoughts are stepping out of the way, as you actually need to focus on the task.
  2. You are asked to breathe slower and deeper than your usual breathing pattern, which helps your body to receive more oxygen, opposed to shallow breathing.
  3. As your breath slows down, your brain receive signals, things are good, it’s ok to relax, your physical body enters a state of relaxation.
  4. And that creates a feeling of ohhhhh, I am actually enjoying this. So far it affected your mental, physical and emotional levels.
  5. As guided visualisation is a form of meditation, you are being nourished on a fourth level too, your spiritual level. You are making energy connections with your subconscious, and through that with the Universe for energy updates, etc.

Choose yours from the list below! Are you in need of more love, confidence or money? All of them? I have a bundle for you!

Attract Abundance Series - Connect (MP3)

Connect with Your Heart – Guided Visualisation with Positive Affirmations

Connect guided visualisation cover photo 2

Love energy is the most powerful one in the Universe. Connect with your Heart’s Creative Energy & get reminded of Who you are. Connect with Love with the help of this beautiful guided visualisation fortified with positive affirmations, so you can create beautiful things in your life and attract to you, what you really want. Download it, so you can listen to it any time during the day to lift you up and keep your energy vibrations high. 


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Attract Abundance Series - Shine (MP3)

Shine with Confidence – Guided Visualisation with Positive Affirmations

Shine with Confidence guided vis cover photo

Confidence is really a matter of perspective. If you keep comparing yourself to others, you will always feel inferior. You will always be lacking something that someone else has. The only way out is looking inside and feeling your own potential, getting to understand who you really are, and gathering confidence to act on your findings. 

Download this beautiful guided visualisation, accompanied by positive affirmations. So you can keep reminding yourself to shine. 


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Attract Abundance Series - Create (MP3)

Create a Positive Relationship with Money – Guided Visualisation with Positive Affirmations

Create with Money guided vis cover photo

In the Universe everything is made of energy and money is not an exception. So it is time to find out what your real relationship with money is. What does money mean to you? Seriously is it a good thing, a bad one or you can’t care less about it? Is it something evil that rich people do horrible things with? These are serious questions, because the way you think and feel about money affects your energy vibrations!

Download this inspiring guided visualisation, accompanied by positive affirmations to positively change how you feel about money and take down those barriers that are in your way of receiving what you really want. 


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Attract Abundance Series - Connect, Shine, Create Bundle with Bonus material (MP3s)

Connect, Shine, Create Bundle – 3 Guided Visualisation with Positive Affirmations

Connect shine create bundle cover photo

Connect with your Heart, Shine with Confidence, Create good relationship with Money

3 reassuring, uplifting guided meditations with positive affirmations to raise & manage your energy vibration to Attract more Abundance into Your Life.

BONUS: “Positive affirmations only” version for all 3 subjects separately, (Connect 1:15, Shine 1:49, Create 2:27 min.) plus all affirmations together 5:30 min. so you can choose whichever feels best for you.

How to choose which one to listen to and when?

  • The guided meditations/visualisations are approx. 10 min. long each, so they are best for the morning or as an evening meditation. You can listen to only one that you are most attracted to or all 3 of them at once.
  • The stand alone positive affirmation sets are really short 1:15 – 2:27 min., so they are great to give you a boost of confidence, reassurance or inspiration before a meeting, a presentation…
  • The combined positive affirmations (the 3 affirmation sets recorded together, 5:30 min.) are perfect for listening to in the car, or on your way to work to set you up for a successful and rewarding day.


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