Goddess Welcome

to The Healing Chamber Goddess Circle

Please complete the process ASAP or you won’t know what to do next & what you’re entitled to.

Keep in mind:

  • We are here to Anchor our MAGIC to this physical world and materialistic planet to shine brighter.
  • Weird is the norm here!
  • Learn from my materials – to refresh your tool set / rituals and learn new ones.
  • Learn from each other. Please have an open mind, take it all in and feel it all out.

Step 1 Video Tour of the Membership site

Important! Read this document, please!

The Healing Chamber Membership site Rules and Information

Step 2 Complete these 3 steps

  1. Join the Goddess Circle Facebook Group! In order to do this, if we are not yet friends on Facebook, please send me a friendship request, so I can invite you to the group.
  2. Click this link and activate your Membership mail flow to receive my emails! And to be sure they don’t end up, as spam, please add eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com to your contacts in your email box. Please note that for your membership sign-up and payments, you receive emails from eva@spiritual-wonders.comCopyright
  3. Bookmark your membership dashboard!
Step 3 Implement

And then make your way through the rest of the trainings. We add new trainings monthly.

Wondering where to begin?

Step 1 Why “speak Universe”? – Co-creating with the Universe

This is a great source to see how each step / area connects with each other.

Your membership consists of two, technically separate parts:

Membership Perks

  1. Custom-made plan for you – on what you want to achieve with my help in the next 6-12 months. Haven’t emailed it to me yet? Do it now, please! Email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com
  2. Welcome zoom group call1 on 1 time with me for all new-comers. Date will be provided in the Facebook group and zoom video call will be recorded and sent to all of you, after the call.
  3. Feedback opportunity – to become a co-creator of your own experiences here, monthly.
  4. Share your magic – share one link to anything you would like to promote, weekly
  5. Tasks to glow – designed to help you get to know certain aspects of yourself
  6. New material: masterclasses, courses, workshops from me & guest experts, added monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

How to log in
Go to: Account – Spiritual Wonders (spiritual-wonders.com)

and fill in your email address and password.

Can I sell my stuff in the group?
This place is about connecting with each other, even creating alliances, friendships. However it is not for sales posts. You have the opportunity to share one link, every week to your products, exciting new services, etc. Under the post “Share Your Magic!”
Can I work with you 1 to 1?
Yes. Please contact me.

Can’t find the training?
The structure of the membership area on the website:

Step 1 Why “speak Universe”? – Co-creating with the Universe

This is a great source to see how each step / area connects with each other. In the future this is the folder, where manifesting with the Law of Attraction material will appear.


Step 2 The Earthly perspective – Energy dynamics

To understand who you are, as an energy being, who incarnated on Earth. It’s full of knowledge and tools about energy management.


Step 3 The Soul’s View, The Journey of The Soul

This is where things get really interesting. In this container you find information about empaths and sensitive intuitives, starseeds, twinflames, etc.


Step 4 Bridging the two – Unlock & develop your intuition

This folders is filled with ways of accessing your intuition.

Don’t know what to do or how, in the FB group?

Housekeeping rules for the FB Group:

for the Private  Facebook group community, where you connect with your soul family.

My #1 priority for this community is for it to be a safe and positive environment, where everybody can be vulnerable, raw and honest with each other.

It’s important to have good vibes around us, even in the virtual/ digital space. So I wish to make it into an easy to follow, and non-cluttered environment. Please help me to keep it that way. It will be easier for you to find the relevant material too.

There are two types of interactions:

  1. Using the comments under the post to participate in the pre-planned content:
    1. Q&A Monday, Ask me anything! – regarding membership content consumption, etc.
    2. Promo Friday, to share your magic
    3. Feedback Monthly, to become a co-creator of your experience
    4. Live video Monthly for Masterclasses, Healing sessions, Guest Speaker content, etc.
  2. Posting your own thing. You must start your post with one of the following tags!
    1. #help, when you ask for help with anything, but tech.
    2. #tech, when you are experiencing a technical problem.
    3. #sync, when you want to share your light bulb moments or synchronicities.
    4. #glow, when I ask you to create a max 2 min. video or other kind of tasks.

You should never, ever: 

❌Go on negative rants about other people in the group or outside of it

❌Post paid offers and products without asking me first

❌Share content from your wall every single time you publish it (we don’t want to spam the group)

❌Discuss politics or religion

What new content to expect?
  • My very own guided visualisations, audio files, provided to train your mind to break out of the matrix and live in the world of magic
  • Useful energy practices of qigong, self-healing art. These exercises help you to expand your light bandwidth to be able to hold more light.
  • Spiritual qigong (visualisations & exercises to learn to sense the state of your own energy field and chakras)
  • Rituals to maintain and raise your vibration to manifest a life that allows you to fly
  • Numerology secrets
  • Self-love practices that work
  • Teaching how to Channel through cards, art, etc.
  • get familiar with the spirit Universe
  • the twinflame journey
  • and much more….
Payment problems?
Email me, please: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com
Who to reach out to with questions?

Email me, please: Email me, please: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com