Eva s Tarot

Life can be really difficult! It’s easy to get stuck! Find the answers with tarot.

Hi, I am Eva, Energy therapist, artist and intuitive tarot reader. I have been working in the holistic healing arena as a reiki therapist and energy coach for 9 years and reading from cards for my clients, to give them guidance regarding the challenges they were facing,  for 5 years. During the years I have channelled paintings with messages, which I have turned into my own oracle deck. I use it to give you deep insights into your reading, when combined with the tarot reading.

Sometimes the biggest challenge is to keep believing in your goals and yourself. Knowing what is available energetically for you right now, can make a huge change in the outcome, so you don’t give up just before you get there…

What is bothering you right now? Contact me to book your reading: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com

Burning question

tarot reading

1 -2 question concerning the area, you are having problems with: love, money, project, health, etc.

£7.99 / $10.00

Life area,

tarot reading

One life area: romantic love, family, money, job/purpose,
or health in-depth reading

£23.97 / $30.00


Mind, Body & Soul

Tarot Reading

Find answers for all 3 dimensions: Mind, Body & Soul i.e. money flow, health, life purpose & love

£47.94 / $60.00