Energy Self-Care Academy with Eva Maria Hunt Energy Coach 

"...we are at the crossroads of change and must move toward the healing of ourselves and our planet.” (Global Coherence Initiative, GCI)

If you were being brought up in the Western World, you are likely to dismiss the fact you are an ENERGY BEING, which is a huge mistake. The answers to your questions and the solutions to your problems lie in "the invisible to the naked eye dimensions". To be able to discover and look after your energy body is EMPOWERING. You are shifting from being a VICTIM to taking charge for managing your own energies, emotions, thoughts to create a balanced, rewarding and happy life. This is what this Academy is about... Helping you to "Find Your HAPPY"!

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Section 1 - Inspiration with Tips & Suggestions

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Your level of self-worth is the key to your success & happiness. Life can be really harsh and unfair, so you start doubting yourself and questioning whether you are enough. The answer is a resounding YES!

There is a reason why you feel you are not enough... but it doesn't mean it is really the case. If you keep comparing yourself to others you always find a reason to feel inferior. Self-worth is an inside job. Dig out your own values and build on them. Until then you must fake it until you make it! Here is some help:

Self-love is one of the most important pillars in energy self-care. It helps you to become positive and stay positive... It is like a magic portal that transforms your world into love, happiness, success, etc.

Find Ways to Fall in Love With Yourself! What are your positive features? What are you good at? What do your friends like in you? Make it your mission to find something positive about yourself every day! 

"Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those, who betrayed you. Sometimes a good heart doesn't see the bad." Forgiveness and self-forgiveness is necessary for healing yourself. It is possibly one of the most difficult tasks. 

Even, when you hurt inside, the best way ahead is to start thinking positive... then your thoughts trigger positive feelings... your energy vibration raises... However anger, resentment, hatred can bring you down again, or never actually let you out of their hold. So try to pinpoint the source of your negative emotions: What makes you angry? Why? 

Section 2. - Knowledge Base

“Now we have everything to create a world that is made of light, rather than darkness. Ancient Knowledge and New Science are accessible at the same time. Holistic understanding of nature and origin of the human beings lead to revolution in science and consciousness…”

Aura - Part 1.

Where do you get your energy from? How do you Connect to the Life Force? Are you your physical body only? Why should you care about your energy field?

Aura - Part 3.

Are your thoughts and emotions simply yours? Are they locked into your aura?
Is it really your business only, what you think and how you feel? 

Aura - Part 2.

Where your thoughts and emotions are? Why should you care about them?
The structure of your Aura


What Chakras are?
How they work?
What is their function?

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