Energy Therapy in Hungarian in Thame, Oxfordshire, UK

Eva July 2Are you Hungarian, living in England? Do you need some help to feel more balanced and energised physically, mentally and emotionally? I am Eva Maria Hunt energy therapist. My native country is Hungary. I have lived there until I was 35. Then in one year I moved countries twice, and I have been living in the UK for more than 9 years now. So I do understand how it feels to start living in a different country.

However well you speak the language it’s really hard to adjust to the different social and work expectations, to deal with homesickness, to find your new roots and to really settle down abroad.

As an energy therapist I also understand “living in your second language” helps repressing emotional turbulences. However they don’t disappear, and believe me they will come to the service when you least expect them. You might just push yourself too hard to achieve in your new country what you had in mind, exhausting all your resources so you get really tired physically, mentally and emotionally and even depressed after a while.

Here is my story: In Hungary I was a commercial economist, working in retail in management mainly. I was 35, when I left Hungary to live in Belgium. 9 months later my fiancee got a job in the UK, so we have changed countries again. I have just completed my International English exam, when I got my first job in England in 2006. It was a fantastic job at a travel agent with amazing colleagues, who helped me a lot to be able to do my job, like taking the phone call from me, when I had no clue what the Welsh lady or the Scottish gentleman was talking about. It was an extremely deep end of the water, but I managed to learn to swim very quickly. 🙂 It all seemed fine for a while, apart from constantly feeling homesick, which was really painful. However after 3 years of pushing myself to the absolute limit trying to fit in, constantly learning new skills, course after course… I got depressed and this event has changed my life completely… I have started to search for ways to get better, this is how I have found Reiki and as a result I have established my business called Spiritual Wonders in holistic healing in 2010.

I was drawn to Reiki healing energy as a student rather than a client. And as I learnt more and more about it I realised I started walking my spiritual path. After recovering from my condition I have decided to help others… In the last 5 years my conscious self- & spiritual development led me to different healing modalities to study & incorporate them in my healing practise. Apart from being a Reiki practitioner, I have become a Crystal Healer and a certified Qi Gong for Health Teacher.  This process accelerated my creativity in different ways. I am now designing healing crystal jewellery & creating Soul Wisdom & Celestial Healing Art. My life has completely changed and I absolutely love what I do.

As an energy therapist I offer the whole range of my treatments in English and from September 2015 also in Hungarian. All of these sessions can assist you to become emotionally more balanced, relaxed and energised. If you are not sure which one to choose I would be really happy to help you to find the right one for you, or even create a customised session according to your needs.

During your session we will speak in Hungarian, which not only helps you to feel at ease, but also it speaks directly to your mind, emotions and soul, therefore works more effectively than the same session would do in English.

Holistic Healing is about viewing yourself as an energy being. Light, sound, fragrances, brain waves… are all energy. Your Mind, Body and Soul are different dimensions of your Energy Being. If you are only thinking about yourself as a physical body, you are missing out on valuable energy tools that can help to make you feel instantly better…

Energy Therapies can work as a preventative method to avoid energy blockages manifest as a physical illness in your body, or can aid to heal existing physical, mental, emotional illnesses faster and more effectively by treating the root cause.

  • Do you want to get rid of constant pain or injuries?
  • Would you like to feel deep relaxation?
  • Do you want to find the way out of stress, depression & anxiety?
  • Do you wish to find clarity on where your life is heading?
  • Are you just in need of an energy boost?

Logo Reiki 2015Relax with Reiki Therapy

Reiki is an energy healing method that treats the whole body on every level. It fills you up with high frequency energy so it enables you to get to deep relaxation.

It is a good starting point to help your body fight off ailments more easily by awakening your body’s own healing power. Reiki is a very personal experience it is different for everyone. It provides:

  • Pain Relief, Faster Recovery from injuries
  • Transforms Stress into Calm
  • Clarity of Mind, Overcoming Fears, Worries
  • Self- & Spiritual Development…

Logo Crystal HealingBalance Your Energies with Crystal Healing

Crystal healing /Crystal Therapy is an ancient healing system that works holistically through the placement of crystals on and around the client’s body.
So when your energy is out of balance crystals can help to release the negativity from your system and charge you up with the energy vibration you are in need of…

Qi Gong for Health Shirt design2Learn Qi Gong for Health Self-healing Art to manage your own Life Force Energies for better Health, a Happier. more creative and productive life.


Tuition (1 to 1 sessions, workshops, weekly classes)

Qi Gong for Health is an amazing self-healing art, a non-traditional form of Qi Gong that you can easily learn and understand, which can fit in better with your busy 21st century life.  It’s also called Chinese yoga, and there are some similarities with yoga, but the movements are simple and easy to do, more similar to the ones in Tai Chi.

This 4000 years old, ancient Chinese practise focuses on the energy of your body, physical, emotional and spiritual to gain control over your Life Force Energy/Qi/Chi to enhance your quality of life.

Qi Gong for Health consists of :

  • Easy, flowing meditation – aids relaxation
  • Calms the Mind, Stress Relief
  • Easy to learn moves – soothes the body
  • Cleanses the Soul…

Qi Gong for Health EnergyCombined Energy healing Sessions

They are customised to your needs and can include Reiki, healing crystals, Qi Gong and other types of energy exercises.



new years resolution 4Informative, Intuitive, Creative & Fun 1 to 1 sessions



  1. Journey Through 10 chakras

Journey through your chakras with my guidance and experience the wisdom of your soul. Feel your energy flow, find blockages, receive messages… Then turn this wisdom into supportive tools with my help, which you can use daily:

  • Create a lovingly inspiring, energy art
  • Make positive affirmations provided by your chakras
  • Learn to visualise your energy flow to help it becoming smooth again.
  1. Easy Meditation Your Way

Everyone has different energies, and a different way of sensing the world. Find out in what way you use your 6th sense? Which are your dominant psychic senses? What form of meditation is suitable for you?

  1. Self-Respect, Self-Love, Forgiveness

The way you think and feel about yourself is more important than you think. As an energy being you attract to yourself the vibrations that are matching your own. On the top of that Love is the strongest energy in the entire Universe. It all starts with you. So the question is: What is your relationship with yourself?

  1. Magical Intuition, Ego & Higher Self

Experience how to use & trust your Intuition by using cards, crystals, meeting your spirit guides to follow your inner compass and to become who you meant to be.

  1. Energy Self-Care

Do you feel drained? Out of balance? Are you surrounded by negative people? Or do you feel you are over-sensitive? Look beyond your physical body and learn energy tools to cleanse, ground, protect…

  1. Design Your Own Healing Crystal Charm/Pendant with Eva

Whatever your issue is, with Eva’s guidance you can create a gorgeous charm/pendant that you can carry with you and enjoy the crystals healing vibrations every time you need them.

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