Day 24 Abundance is yours!

Yes! You can have everything at once: love, money, health…

Don’t feel like it? When you pray or ask for things in what way do you do that? Are you demanding things, because you feel you have the right for having them? Or are you being grateful for all the help you receive in a certain matter? Believe me, it makes a huge difference.

Now we ironed that out, here is how to manifest what you want:

  • Step 1 Breathe in and out deeply to reset your system.
  • Step 2 Set your intentions.
  • Step 3 Feel what you want. (how it feels when you have it)
  • Step 4 Visualise that you already have what you wish to manifest.
  • Step 5 Trust the Universe and believe in yourself.


The year 2023 will be all about leaving your karmic burdens behind and connecting with your soul. Not feeling enough is one of those patterns. 


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