Day 22 Soulmates

You have a past-life connection with the particular person you are thinking of. The two of you are recognising each other on the soul level. i.e. You have made a soul contract with each other before you came to Earth. It is about “holding a mirror” to each other to see what each one of you needs to heal within yourselves.

Your free will decisions could go against your soul plans though. Follow the voice of your soul and learn your lessons.

Soulmates can be lovers, family members, you and your pet, etc.

28 means – there is a cycle closing on your relationship with this person, which could mean one of two things. You have either fulfilled your contract and moving onto a new one or you are able to take things to the next level with your person. Either way it is a positive change.


The year 2023 will be all about leaving your karmic burdens behind and connecting with your soul. Not feeling enough is one of those patterns. 


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