Crystal Healing

Crystal healing /Crystal Therapy is an ancient healing system that works holistically through the placement of crystals on and around the client’s body.

How Healing Crystals Work?

Although crystals are not considered as living creatures they have the ability to draw in energy, hold it and release it, when stimulated the right way. Crystals gain their energy from the sun and other planetary sources and from each other, when growing in crystal beds. As the sunlight passes through them they absorb most of the light rays, but some will be reflected, giving the colour of the stone. The more luminous a stone the more evolved it is if you like. Each stone is tuned in to a particular ray so they can help us on different levels, such as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual…

How crystals can help you?

Most of us are attracted to crystals. We simply can't refuse the beauty and the wonderful vibration of these children of Heaven and Earth. You might have visited a crystal shop or browsed at a market stall previously. Did you feel you were drawn to certain stones? You just couldn’t refuse to touch them and hold them for a while, and this simple connection made you feel so good? I experienced this before too, and now when I am working with them I have the privilege to pick a different one every day if I feel guided to do that.

Crystals are truly magical creatures. They can mysteriously appear in your life and disappear the same way if they are not needed any more. You might wear them for a while as jewellery and one day you notice the crystal is cracked. It means its job is done; it can’t help you anymore. If this happens and the crystal is dear to you, so you don’t feel like giving it away, don’t panic just don’t wear it any more. Put it on a nice display, and later in your life you might feel drawn to it again.

Crystals are part of the Mineral Kingdom and your body is made of minerals. Your energy vibration is constantly changing. However crystals vibrate on a certain frequency. They have their own properties, and they work on four different levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Therefore when your energy is out of balance crystals can help to release the negativity from your system and charge you up with the energy vibration you are in need of…

Every crystal is different, with different vibration and different healing properties. 

Here is a list of gemstones/ healing crystals with an indication of what they are useful for:

Angel Wings Amethyst Necklace

Angel wings Amethyst Necklace

Agate - Calms & Brings Good Health & Luck

Amethyst*  - The Stone of Protection

Carnelian - The Stone of Energy, Fertility, Stability, Abundance

Citrine - The Stone of Focus & Warmth

Clear Quartz* - The Stone of Awareness

Hematite - The Stone of The Mind, Power & Intelligence

Labradorite - The Stone of Transformation

Moonstone - The Stone of Sensitivity & Love

Opalite - The Stone of Angels, Protects the newborn infant

Red Jasper - The Stone of Protection & Strength

Rose Quartz* - The Stone of Unconditional Love & Friendship

Sodalite - The Stone of Clarity & Wisdom

Turquoise - The Stone of Purification & Protection

* These stones are The Master Healer Crystals

As you see on the picture above, I make these stones into beautiful jewellery, so you can enjoy their healing vibration all day. 

Eva Maria Hunt

Energy Therapist & Artist

Practitioner Member of the
UK Reiki Federation​

My journey as a healer / energy therapist started in 2010, when I became a Reiki Practitioner and established my business, Spiritual Wonders in holistic healing to help women to step into their inner power and live their life to their full potential. 

After learning Reiki I was mesmerised by the properties of different healing crystals. I loved their natural shapes, colours, textures and it reminded me of my time in Hungary, when I was running a jewellery shop, selling rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets with precious stones. I never imagined one day I will create my own range of jewellery with semi-precious ones. 

I am still amazed by these minerals and the effect their energy can make on our mind, body and soul. After reading a lot about these crystals and actually feeling their healing vibrations I decided to study crystal healing, so I could incorporate it with Reiki therapy.

​This proved to be a never ending love story. I have a fantastic connection with these stones now. Sometimes I just place them on my clients' chakras, sometimes I use them to massage aching areas in their body to take the inflammation down and ease their pain.

I have another use for the  healing crystals too, to grid my office and healing room with them, creating protection, peace and tranquillity​ in these areas. 

What happens during a Crystal Therapy session?

It starts with a consultation to get to know your issues, your life style and your energy field...

Senior woman relaxing and lying on pad with amethyst, quartz and other crystals on body. 

  • First we establish how your health is on different levels
  • I choose the crystals that are most appropriate for you
  • You lay down on a couch and I help you to get into a relaxed state with relaxing music and guided visualisation
  • I place the crystals on your body to clear, boost and balance your energies

At the end of the session we discuss your experiences and I teach you some energy tools and I give you advise on how to keep your energies topped up, balanced, grounded and protected.

During the treatment you might feel some tingling in your body or sense the crystals' energy in a different way. It usually is a very pleasant experience. 

How many sessions are ideal to have?

Every session will have a good impact on your energy field. After the first session we can see how you respond to the crystals' energy. With energy healing it is really interesting, as you will feel the energy boost or the relaxation even after one session. If you keep going with your "old life style" after the treatment your energy will slowly go back to where you started from. However if you adjust your habits a little i.e. take on a "new life style" you gain a lot. You not only will be able to enjoy more energy, but you wll be able to maintain it for a long time...

The benefits of crystal therapy:

    • Relief from physical pain
    • Energy Cleansing
    • ​Breaking down energy blockages
    • Emotionally relieved and able to let go
    • Energy boost
    • Stress relief
    • It can also help self-esteem issues
    • You feel more connected spiritually

Please note crystal healing is not about diagnosing your physical issues.It is a holistic approach to balance your energies. 

Healing Crystals and Reiki Therapy work really well together

  • You get to a deeply relaxed state
  • Reiki also helps the process of moving energy blockages out of your system.
  • It raises your energy vibration.
  • It awakens your own natural healing abilities.

 Enjoy the healing vibrations of the crystals on their own or combined with Reiki Therapy!