Covid-19 Choose Love

With the Coronavirus COVID-19, something else is spreading, AWARENESS.

It allows you to realise you have control over your energy vibration, therefore you create your own reality. The reality of panic buying and shrinking into FEAR … OR … choosing healing, positivity and expanding into LOVE frequency.

The difference is not only life changing, but it changes CONSCIOUSNESS on a vast scale.

A Gift of Love from my heart to yours

Glowing with Love & Light – Guided visualisation

Listen to this guided visualisation, to soak up the frequency of love, re-balance and re-charge you own energies and intentions. With love and light Eva


The coronavirus raised awareness about a global theme of mistreating our fears. If you wish to work on your fears in a positive way, i.e. allowing yourself to embrace them and integrate their power into your being and consciousness, please get in touch. Both online and in person coaching and healing sessions are available. Book them now: