Your Aura and Chakras

Your aura is the full expansion of your gorgeous energy being, including your physical body, which is the densest layer of your energy field.
By clicking on the link below you get access to My Energy Self-Care Academy, where you can explore how your aura is built, what it consists of. Along with what your chakras are and how they work.

Content of The Energy Self-Care Academy page:

Section 1 – Inspiration with Tips & Suggestions

Self-esteem, self-love, self-forgiveness 60 seconds affirmations each

Section 2. – Knowledge Base

Aura P1 (03:50 min)

Where do you get your energy from? How do you Connect to the Life Force? Are you your physical body only? Why should you care about your energy field?

Aura P2 (03:17 min)

Where your thoughts and emotions are? Why should you care about them?
The structure of your Aura

Aura P3 (04:13 min)

Are your thoughts and emotions simply yours? Are they locked into your aura?
Is it really your business only, what you think and how you feel?

Chakras (03:58 min)

What Chakras are? How they work? What is their function?


Release tension from your energy field with the help of Angels

Your energy field picks up many different energy currents, and lots of unwanted energies can get stuck in there, tensing up your energy field, making you feel irritated, and agitated for no known reason. The following audio recording helps you to immediately relax your aura and with the help of Angels it can be restored to a more comfortable state.


Visualisation to connect with your Energetic Heart & other chakras

Your chakras are connected to all of your cells in your body and every particle in your energy field. Therefore when your aura feels off-balance, your chakras will be off too. This powerful channeled visualisation helps heal your energetic heart/ your heart chakra and allows you to receive information about the state of your chakras.

So have pen and paper ready, in case you need to jot down something quickly. Enjoy!