Are you looking to reduce stress in your life?

Look no further! Qigong for Health is the perfect antidote for stress. Practiced regularly  it

  • Calms Your Mind
  • Balances Your Emotions
  • Soothes Your Body
  • Nourishes Your Soul

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Currently, when MINDFULNESS and MEDITATION are such buzz words, I feel priviliged to be able to teach qigong, which you can think of as a more exciting way of mindfulness, and a "flowing meditation," based on thousands of years of wisdom.

The Crane and The Bear qigong exercises are part of the 5 animal frolics. Together they help you to build:


The reason why I am teaching these two exercises is, because together they form a whole, like Yin and Yang to create balance in your life. This is an enjoyable, easy to learn, short, qigong workout that only takes 10 – 15 minutes up your time, therefore can easily fit into your busy day with lots of health benefits.

From this Qigong Workout Course You will discover:

  • What Qigong is
    How this ancient self-healing art can help you create balance in your life.
  • The 4 Pillars of a Qigong Practice
    How to make your practice most effective.
  • The Crane - step by step video tuition 
    Qigong exercise with 6 stages to relax you, and make you feel light as a feather...
  • The Bear - step by step video tuition
    Qigong exercise with 5 stages to ground your energies and strengthen your body...

Many people believe, when it comes to their HEALTH, help must come from outside. And in some cases it is true, and it may well be the only way. However only a few people know that looking after your mental and emotional health starts with your daily habits of thinking and feeling. You have the power to change them. How? Are you guilty of any of the following?

  • Comparing yourself to others, following them, rather than your own intuition
  • Trying to fit in, pleasing others, unable to say NO!, because you are afraid of rejection and wanting to feel needed
  • You think you are Superman/Superwoman, so you can push yourself to your absolute limit without consequences on your physical, mental and emotional health
  • Wanting to control everything and everyone around you, so the slightest change in plan upsets you
  • Struggling with low self-worth, self-confidence, not feeling ENOUGH...

Well, any of the above can create immense stress in your body and energy system. Qigong (energy work) helps you to become quiet, to look inward, learn to trust your intuition, connect with the part of you that is in touch with the Universal flow, therefore bypasses your limiting beliefs enabling you to create shifts in your energy system for the better. Although, when teaching a qigong course  I do not focus on the above mentioned parts of emotional healing (it is available separately, as part of reiki healing, Law of Attraction coaching or the form of individual healing sessions, including art), Qigong helps you to become more aware of what is going on in your body, mind and soul. Therefore you can work out what causes your issues, find out what is normal for you and accept that you are a unique energy being, who has the power to change bad habits and energy patterns.

How do I know? I am speaking from experience. ​I was one of those, who ticked all of the above boxes. I had that Superwoman mindset, pushing myself to my absolute limits. So in 2009, suprise, suprise... I fell depressed. That was a wake up call, a stepping stone that changed my life.  It helped me to base my life on my intuition and establish my business in holistic healing in 2010 with the mission to help others, who have similar issues. I learnt from the best in the field, spiritual leaders, scientists, energy healers from all over the world. I studied and got certified in different modalities of vibrational healing: Reiki therapy, Crystal healing, Colour therapy, Law of Attraction Coaching and Qigong for health.

What Others Are Saying:

"I practise Qigong every morning. These exercises are not only fun to do, but really help me to get into a good frame of mind to start my day the best way possible." Anna

"I am a therapist, working with clients on deep mental and emotional issues daily. I feel drained, exhaustedned by the end of the day. Since I have been practicing The Crane and The Bear I have more energy and I feel so much better emotionally." Martin

There are so many people in need of finding inner peace, guidance and a way to manage their emotions and thoughts in a more effecient way. To empower more of them, and give them a chance to try out something new or different, for a limited time only I made this course available for you for £6.99. (This course material originally costs £9.99.)

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