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Angel Art Cards - FREE pdf Download 
27 Printable Healing & Empowering Cards

Vibrational Healing with Colours & Angel Art

This is the title of my book that contains 21 of my channelled paintings and the messages that arrived with them. If you are familiar with my book you know that at the back, there is a DIY Miniature Card Deck section, with the idea of being able to carry the picture that you were drawn to, and its energy with you during the day. So you can be reminded of what you need to change or focus on to raise your vibration for better mental, physical and emotional health.

For popular demand, now I created a printable card version of those pictures. This way it is much easier to pick a card, receive the main message straight away and look up the meaning from the book.

BONUS: Although in the book there are 21 paintings, 3 of them weren’t included in the miniature card deck. Now you have those too, along with 6 of my artworks created since the book has been published. That means 9 additional cards to work with, although at this stage they only come with short messages written on the cards themselves.

How can the cards help you?

The short answer is, working with the cards and the book is a great way to trust and develop your intuition.

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The Law of Attraction

Life can be really harsh sometimes. Confusing situations occur, when you really need to rely on your intuition, inner guidance to be able to decide what to do, which way to go…

When you feel unsure, often you feel like, you are alone, fighting through life without any help or support. Or despite of you putting in all the hard work, the Universe just seems to conspire against you, and it feels, as if you are being punished for some reason. Well, it’s easy to fall to victim mentality. The problem with it is, when you are feeling down, you are harbouring negative thoughts and feelings, like resentment, anger, depression, etc. and as a result you project “bad energy”. The Law of Attraction is at work all the time in your life, delivering you whatever matches your vibration. Constant worries and fears only get you lack of money, lack of love, etc.

You must remember, You are more powerful than you think! You can change your luck, your life in an instant, by replacing negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones, instantly raising your energy frequency, your vibration. Which results in good things, events and people appearing in your life.


You must remember you are never alone. For starters your Guardian Angel is always with you. And there are many other angels, Archangels, etc., who can help you with certain issues. They really want the best for you, but you must ask for their help, because they have to respect your free will, i.e. they are not allowed to interfere with your life, unless you give them permission.

Eva Maria Hunt

As an artist and energy healer my aim is to help you, when you feel out of balance emotionally, when your mind is in overdrive, or when you need inspiration and guidance.

I channel paintings from the angels to capture supportive energies in my artworks that you receive and can soak up, as you are looking at the picture. Using the cards on their own can guide you. However if you wish to have a deeper understanding of the messages, purchase my book as a pdf or soft/hard cover to really be able to benefit not only from the written messages, but the energy encoded in my paintings.

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Angel Art Cards - FREE pdf Download 
27 Printable Healing & Empowering Cards