My Healing Services and Healing Products

My Healing Services and healing products

cover a wide range of areas, all are aiming to balance your energies, raise your vibrations, assisting you in stress release, calming your mind and emotions, dealing with depression, anxiety, etc.

Hands on Healing – Healing Hands

for deep relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, emotional balance…


for perfect balance and abundant energy…


to help you attract things, events, people into your life “by Design” rather than “by Default”

Healing Products

“Give the Gift that Gives… Healing Vibes and Good Feelings”

Handmade Healing Crystal Jewellery

Healing Necklaces, Pendants / Bag Charms, Bracelets, Keyrings, Bookmarks…

Do you need a special combination of crystals for healing, as jewellery? Commissions are welcome.

Healing Art

Cards (A6), Posters (A4 & A3), Canvas prints, Art gifts, such as mugs, coaster sets. Occasionally I sell originals too.

Online Art Gallery:

Essential Oils

My webshop at Neil’s Yard Remedies, NYR Organic, UK

Healing Books

Chakra Angels Cover– Healing Paintings for Inspiration, Health and Happiness

Chakra Balancing, Colour Healing, Positive Affirmations

Photo Book – Hard Cover

8″x 6″

20 Pages



Coming soon! Only a few days left till you can buy my NEW Book:

Book CoverVibrational Healing with Colours & Angel Art – Balance Your Chakras, Heal with Colours, The Law of Attraction & Your Intuition

Photo book – Hard Cover
Small Square, 7×7 in, 18×18 cm
92 Pages