My Approach To Therapy

My work is my passion. My approach to therapy is constantly learning and developing myself both from the spiritual and scientific point of view  in my field of expertise, in order to give my clients’ the best healing experience. I help them relax, heal and energise and teach them energy tools, so they can maintain the high energy vibrations they achieve during the treatment.

I prepare both myself and my work environment energetically. I start every day with an energy ritual including different types of meditation and energy exercises to make sure I am  connected, calm, protected, and energetically ready for the healing sessions to help my clients to the best of my ability.


I work from home, my office is located in the conservatory, full of light and a gorgeous view to the garden. My healing room opens from there. It is a sacred place with amazing energy. I cleanse the office and healing room before the healing session by burning sage incense, and have set up a crystal grid with high energy vibration to create a calm, harmonious, healing environment. I also burn essential oils to help you feel more relaxed.

The environment is very important for the energy healing session, but there is something that matters more, the person, who conducts it, her attitude and expert knowledge. Here is what my clients say about me:

  • Eva’s warmth surrounds you from the moment you arrive. She is highly empathetic, can discern what you need, but also gives you the chance to talk if you want to. The treatment itself is very relaxing and you can keep the peaceful feeling going with the exercises she gives you to do for yourself. A beautiful result from a beautiful lady. “  Laurelle, UK, 2015
  • “Eva is a truly positive energy force in her own right. Coupled with her skills as an energy therapist, this makes her invaluable to anyone wishing to explore their energy or improve their success and well-being. I immediately felt an impact from visiting her. She explains clearly and patiently how the world of energy works and makes all her interactions very relevant to your own personal circumstances and requirements. Her reiki sessions were probably the most relaxed moments in my life so far. Very much recommend.” Emma, UK, 2016.
  • “AMAZING, RELAXING REIKI! The whole package, reiki and emotional coaching is very beneficial, life changing and relaxing. The difference is in incredible! Noticed by others too.” Lisa, UK , Nov. 2018
  • “SPIRITUALLY TRANSPORTED! Thank you very much Eva for your uplifting Reiki sessions. I felt soothed, rebalanced, eased and spiritually transported almost at times. It was precious having such personalised time with you. Your healing energy is palpable. Our sessions together have strengthened and encouraged me on my life journey. Bless you for being you. Thank you.” Jacinta, UK, Nov. 2018