I am a multi-passionate creative: Energy Therapist, Artist, Spiritual Teacher and Visionary. I help you manage parts of your energy field, which might be invisible to you, but has a huge influence on your ability to become Happy, Successful… Abundant in every way.

I haven’t always been an energy therapist though. I have a University degree. My original profession is commercial economist. It is as far away from being an energy therapist, as my native country Hungary from my adopted one, the UK. A personal issue, i.e. becoming depressed, pushed me to find a different way of living. As a result I have learnt many different healing modalities from the best in the field, and in 2010 I have established my business in holistic healing.

I have worked with 300+ women and a few men face to face, aged 25 – 60+ from all walks of life on a 1 to 1 bases & in workshops, using different modalities of vibrational healing, such as Reiki therapy, Qigong, Healing Art and Crystal healing and 2000+ people through distant healing and online healing and coaching sessions.

I am passionate about helping people, who are depressed, stressed, anxious or wanting to find their purpose, who have an open mind to connect with their emotions & soul and to transform their mind set.

I wrote a book about Vibrational Healing with Colours and Angel Art (2016), including 21 of my channelled paintings, which can be used as an oracle to give you guidance, and help you develop your intuition.

I am an emerging artist, fascinated by the energies of the SOUL, whether I do healing work on them or paint them.

Bespoke Art – I help women dare to celebrate their unique gifts and feel enough by creating art for them that represents their path and purpose.

Soulful Home – Living Space with Positive Vibes

Soulful Home is the sister brand of Living Soul that offers original artwork, prints as wall art and art gifts (mugs, coasters, cushions, throws, etc) for living spaces in a variety of styles and personalised energy art to inspire you & energise your soul. Visit the website: