About Eva

I believe...

…that we are all amazing beings with vast capabilities, which most of us are simply unaware of or do not fully understand. Our life is the game of choices, which we live in the world of duality: darkness and light, fear and love, destroying and creating. Choices that has the power to change our own and others’ life in one way or another. We are capable of love, compassion, cooperation, being good and working for the good of all. Our pure, united intentions can change events anywhere in the world for the better…

We came to Earth to have fun and experience joy, and everything else that occupying a physical body, using our physical senses can give us. Many of us also came with the desire, purpose to help co-creating a beautiful world, where cooperation, equity and love are the governing forces. However we can be pulled down by the dense energies of this existence, handling negative emotions, wounds of our soul history, and negative forces, etc.  that can create struggles and suffering in our lives.

Because we are all made of energy, and it is not that simple as having an aura (electro-magnetic field) and some chakras. Our being is a complex system of different energy systems working together: Dan Tien system, Meridian lines, organ systems, etc. which all deliver energies and information to different parts of our being. Our mind and heart centres are powerful energy generators, pulling towards us energies of different possible realities (Law of Attraction), whether positive or negative, depending on our own vibration.

So yes, we came here to play, but being as powerful as we are, carries huge responsibilities too: towards ourselves, our loved ones, the Planet and the entire Universe. We are beings of LIGHT. Let’s enable ourselves to SHINE, as bright as we possibly can!

What do I do?

My aim is to empower both women and men to be and feel enough in today’s world. This way they can create the positive difference they so desire in themselves and in the world. In order to do that I use my intuitive skills to connect with your Beautiful Energy Field in many different ways:

Reiki Therapy – is an energy healing method to cleanse your energy system and to shift you from Fear to Love.

Law of Attraction Coaching – gives you a success mindset and assists you to focus on your vision, so you can manifest your heart’s desires.

Qigong for Health Tuition – Qigong is a self-healing art. I teach you how to work with your life force energy and turn back the clock on your functional age.


With other words

  • I help you to be seen for who you are,
  • break through the walls of limitations dimming your light, so you can shine brighter,
  • allowing you to stop being harsh on yourself and beating yourself up, so you can start giving the love to yourself too, not just everyone else…

I provide FREE guidance through daily and weekly energy / holistic card readings, which are also available to watch on my YouTube channel: SpiritualW

Who am I?

I am an Energy Therapist, Artist, Spiritual Teacher and Visionary. I help you manage parts of your energy field, which might be invisible to you, but has a huge influence on your ability to become Happy, Successful… Abundant in every way.

I haven’t always been an energy therapist though. I have a University degree. My original profession is commercial economist. It is as far away from being an energy therapist, as my native country Hungary from my adopted one, the UK. A personal issue, i.e. becoming depressed, pushed me to find a different way of living. As a result I have learnt many different healing modalities from the best in the field, and in 2010 I have established my business in holistic healing.

I have worked with 300+ women and a few men face to face, aged 25 – 60+ from all walks of life on a 1 to 1 bases & in workshops, using different modalities of vibrational healing, such as Reiki therapy, Qigong, Healing Art and Crystal healing and 2000+ people through distant healing and online healing and coaching sessions.

I am passionate about helping people, who are depressed, stressed, anxious or wanting to find their purpose, who have an open mind to connect with their emotions & soul and to transform their mind set.

I wrote a book about Vibrational Healing with Colours and Angel Art (2016), including 21 of my channelled paintings, which can be used as an oracle to give you guidance, and help you develop your intuition.

I am an emerging artist, fascinated by the interplay of Masculine and Feminine energies not only between man and woman, but also showing these opposing forces both in the individual and at large in society and in the Universe.

Bespoke Art – I help women dare to celebrate their unique gifts and feel enough by creating art for them that represents their path and purpose.