Warning!! Emotions are on the raise – Full Moon Eclipse 10th Jan. 2020

Full Moons are about closing a cycle, hence 10 cards for the reading plus the tarot ones. The eclipse strengthens the emotional aspects and also creates a possibility to reset them. This 🌕 is in Cancer, which connects it to home and family.

So this Full Moon will affect your intimate relationships. The Prayer archetype card sets off the reading. It is about bowing to the higher power within and without. Bowing down, touching the Earth, whist allowing your heart to float up and touch Heavens. This is a truly beautiful energy embodying gratitude, which propels you forward.

Just looking at the underlying energies for this reading we have nurturing romantic relationships/true love, being of service, asking for and accepting angelic help and managing finances.

So let’s begin! You need to watch yourself not to sink into victim mentality. Perseverance is your friend in this, knowing that you can achieve what you set your mind to. If you do that, true prosperity is available to you. It’s amazing that under the prayer card we have heart light/ unconditional love. True prayers come from your heart, not your ego, and they truly represent your heartfelt gratitude towards life’s opportunities. The Horse King suggests that you are not meant to walk this part of your path alone. There is a special someone, a soulmate, who is destined to be there for you.

Your job is to keep your mindset clear. Calm your mind chatter and be truly present in your life, so the challenges presented to you can be recognised for what they are, lessons to learn, burdens to be put down… Which leads you to surrender to change that allows you resurrection into your your higher self and truth.

I pulled some tarot cards for clarity. When you retreat from the world, and quiet your mind, you can connect with your heart and what you truly want. So your path is being lit up, you find guidance from within and from above. This will allow you to be happy in your family, relationship and have all your wishes come true. When you follow your passions, you are expressing your soul’s desires and you feel joy. So take a leap of faith and go for your dreams. Success awaits!

Are you unsure what to do? Do your fears suffocate you, hold you prisoner? Let me help you find clarity through a personal reading, addressing your very own issues. Email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

With love

Eva ♥

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