Take a leap of faith – Relationship reading 23rd – 29th Dec. 2019

This is the last full week of 2019. It is all about taking that leap of faith into the unknown, which leads to success…

The thoughts of the masculine are really making him stuck in his head. He needs to connect with his heart and allow himself to become receptive, so he can go with the flow. He is broken-hearted, but thinking about giving a chance for a new love in his life. On the emotional level he could really benefit from finding clarity. And that is coming from the ability to connect with his intuition. On the physical/action level he feels that this new/current love interest in his life is stirring up deep emotions inside of him. And it is time to deepen the partnership.

The thought level of the feminine shows she needs to stand up for what she believes in. She has done the work, it’s now simply a waiting game and trying to see clearly. On the emotional level she needs to calm down her worries and focus on her passion instead, to follow her heart. On the physical/action level after searching her soul, now she is making decisions on what she wants to close down and let go of her life and working on her financial stability.

The connecting energy between them is the need for objectivity and honesty, both towards themselves and each other.

The challenge for both of them is to work through poverty consciousness. It’s not just about limiting beliefs regarding money, but also love and life in general. It’s about confidence and what they believe they deserve.

The outcome is an excellent financial opportunity, great passion for a cause and fulfilling romantic relationship. It is a lot of inner work, but both parties want success in their life and they are moving into the right direction in every way. I have to say it’s looking good.

There is a New Moon on 26th Dec., which will support these positive changes energetically. More on that later!

Take care.

With love


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