Withdrawing to heal… and then Happily ever after? Weekly reading 2nd – 8th Dec.

Here is what you can expect from this week’s energies. The masculine energies and the feminine ones are perfectly mirroring each other.

Lets’ have a look at your inner masculine side first:

On the thought level it is working on his shadow side. Facing his fears, looking into situations, his own responses to things very deeply.

On the emotional level the masculine is trying to feel enough. It is part of the journey of releasing karmic patterns. His mantra right now is: “You are enough!”.

On the physical/action level we have Heart Light. This card is suggesting that the action is more inward. It is connecting with his heart, with unconditional level, which raises his vibration and allows him to manifest realities he wants much easier.

The feminine side of you

has her thoughts occupied by healing her inner child. This process started many months ago, and slowly but surely progressing forward.

On the emotional level the feminine is focusing on Self love. This allows her to raise her vibrations, like we have seen it on the masculine side.

And on the physical level she is in need of setting boundaries, whilst she is going through this healing process.

The connecting energy between the two is:

Go with the flow. Allow yourself to listen to your intuition and do what feels right for you.

The obstacle is:

the fact that both your masculine and feminine side is wrapped up in their heads and they must connect with your heart and soul. Therefore Mindfulness is required to live in the present moment and becoming aware of your own needs in order to create balance.

The possible outcome is:

Too much feeling. It means if you are not careful, you will be swept away by your emotions. So make sure you don’t go into either extremes i.e. being stuck in your head or drowned by your emotions. Doing so will allow you to stabilise your energies, raising up to and staying on the higher vibrational level to create the life you want.

Watch the video for more details on your inner masculine and feminine energies. From 7:00 minutes it is all about romantic love and the advice on what you can do.

Have a Wonderful Week!

Take care


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