You are healing… Need for self-love! – Weekly Relationship reading 18 – 24th Nov. 2019

In this weekly reading you can have a snapshot of the energies available to you to navigate the Universe’s energies. Let’s have a look at the masculine energies first.

Go with the flow!

Thought level – It looks like you are really stuck in your head, so you are asked to stop resisting and bring in some feminine energies that allow you to connect with your heart.

Use your judgement!

Heart space – Interestingly you are lost in illusions here, so you need to step into your masculine energies to bring in some clarity.

Change your perception!

Physical level – Step into your feminine energies and allow yourself to perceive the world in a different way and be a bit more spontaneous.

Your Feminine side has different issues.

Let go of your past!

Mind level – Your thoughts keep you stuck there, so you are asked to forgive yourself and the other person as well.

Show your true colours!

Emotional level – Because you went through such hard times, you started doubting yourself and don’t feel confident at all. You need to have the intention of stepping in your power, which immediately will shift your energies and you can fly.

Balance your chakras

Actions – Take time out and try to balance yourself. You need to connect with your roots. Some of you might be an Earth Angel or a Star seed… discovering your soul’s origin can help you understand what you are going through and why.

The connecting energies between the Masculine and Feminine:

Take responsibility! You must lift yourself out of feeling like a victim in order to shift energetically, mentally and emotionally to a better place.

What is blocking the union of the Masculine & Feminine?

Healing the Inner Child. You are both still going through deep healing. Working through karmic patterns of abandonment, co-dependency, attachment, betrayal, etc. So both od you are occupied with your own issues, hence no connection between the masculine and feminine for now.

The outcome:

Empathy, sensitivity. As both side of you go through this deep transformation, you are becoming not only more vulnerable, but also more sensitive to others’ negativity. You must protect your energies!

From the video you can find out a little bit more about how to make a better relationship between your inner masculine and feminine energies. From 8:55 min. we talk about how these energies work out in a romantic relationship, love, twinflames, soulmates, etc. Enjoy!

Don’t forget, this is a general reading, which won’t resonate with everyone. If you would like to have your personal reading, regarding your energies and / or your love interest,m please get in touch via email!


Take care!





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