The 11/11 Energy Gateway helps you to manifest what you want

11th November is less than a week away, followed by the Full Moon. This is a very important time energetically. If you use the energies of the Universe available to you, wisely, it can affect your 2020 energies in a very positive way. There is so much wisdom in this general reading, coming through the cards. Every year has its own energetic quality and the energies are shifting already from 2019 to 2020. Ride the waves of this portal opening in the Universe and let them take you exactly where your soul wants to be. Yes, it takes some work on yourself, but the rewards are amazing!

(I used a painting of mine: Walking each other home in the cover photo.)

I had to record this video a few times, because my camera kept cutting out. I started to think it is telling me not to bother. So I decided I give it one more try and if the Universe doesn’t want this information reaching people I won’t try again. And this time it worked out. When watching it back I realised it is exactly 11:11 minutes long. It is just amazing! So it is definitely meant to reach you.

If you need help navigating these energies, which could be confusing and overwhelming, please get in touch. I do personal reading or holistic coaching with or without a card reading. It is your call.

Take care!

With love Eva



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