Big changes, worth the pain! – 11 – 17 Nov. 2019 – The Light at The End of The Tunnel

This week we have a lot going on energetically. With the 11/11 energy gateway open today and the Full Moon in tomorrow, emotions are deeply stirred, challenges coming at you, changes are all around.

Let’s see what you can do to navigate these choppy waters this week in regards to your inner masculine and feminine energies.


The thought level of the masculine side of you is all about feeling like a victim. You have gone through some deep transformation, but you must take responsibility for how you feel and which direction you are going. The Goddess of the Moon reminds you to connect with your inner guidance and latent psychic abilities, so you can lift yourself up energetically.

The Feminine side of you is sensing that something is not as it seems. There are illusions, misunderstandings clouding the picture. It is likely to come from within. You might not have all the information in a matter to see clearly or you are fooling yourself regarding a situation. The Angel of Love steps in asking you to connect with your heart to lift your vibration to unconditional love and see with your soul to find clarity. There is a mirroring going on in this sense between the masculine and feminine side of you.


On the emotional level the masculine is going through deep transformation, creating his freedom. It comes with the thinking man, who can represent someone around you with the knowledge and spiritual guidance you are in need of.

The feminine is still working through old karmic patterns and she is asked to watch out for deceit from people around you.

Physical level / Action:

On the physical level the masculine is asked to be confident and brave enough to show his true colours. Which in return will open up the door to value. It is a very positive change on the horizon, light and success shines as you peek through that door.

The Feminine is asked to connect: network with people, connect within and with the Divine, because she needs to be patient right now. Everything is unfolding beautifully, but it is all about Divine Timing though!

The blockage between the Masculine and Feminine is healing the inner child. As you are both focusing withing you might come across a bit guarded and cold. Archangel Raphael is with you though, who is helping your healing process both physically and on the emotional level.

And the outcome is:

Phoenix: rebuilding yourself from the pieces that are serving you. So you are asked to rest and rejuvenate. Because emotional work can be as exhausting mentally and emotionally as going to the gym for an intense workout for your physical body.

The advice is:

to allow yourself to feel the sadness of the past, and let go of it, as you work through it. Be objective, so you can find clarity and at the same time connect with your intuition for inner guidance. It all is happening for a reason, so trust the process and believe in yourself!

Watch the video for more details. From 10:05 min. I talk about how these energies affect your romantic relationship.

It is a difficult time for all of us and it is a general reading. Please get in touch if you are in need of personal guidance. Email:

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