What October has in stock for you?

This reading is allowing you to make conscious changes in what energies you are transmitting to the Universe through your thoughts, emotions and beliefs to shift into higher frequency and attract what you really want into your life.

I have asked 4 questions: * what you are working on (your intentions) this month,
* what are the obstacles,
* what helps to believe in yourself and
* what action you can take to reach your goals.

Please note this is a general reading, it won’t resonate with all of you. Just take the parts that do resonate, there can be an important message for you, and leave the rest, don’t try to force it onto you.

If you need help in working with the Law of Attraction, expanding your consciousness in order to manifest your dreams, do get in touch.
I am an energy therapist, Artist, Law of Attraction Practitioner. I offer healing and coaching sessions both in person and online (live video call).

To book your session email EVA: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com

Online healing and coaching session – live video call (Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.)

Bespoke Reiki Therapy –  in person Buck, Oxon, England

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