Are your energies aligned with abundance?

The doors of abundance are finally opening. Today Pluto is out of its 5 months retrograde. Looking back at the last 5 months of your life, you possible notice how many triggers you had to work through in your relationship, at work, in every areas of your life. How difficult it was to realise and let go of old behavioural, emotional patterns, like co-dependence, attachment, betrayal, etc. It could have been a very painful few months for you emotionally. The good news is, the energies are shifting for the better.

Find out from my video where you are at right now in regards to alignment with abundance and what you can do to allow more love, health, money, joy, happiness into your life.

Please keep in mind, it is a general reading, therefore  it won’t resonate with all of you. If you are a lightworker, someone on the path of ascension, a sensitive intuitive, it is more likely you will feel the advice is really helpful to you. Either way you can take the guidance, it will allow you to shift your energies into better alignment with abundance in your life.

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