Do you feel … enough? Capable, clever, worthy enough?

I have created this video for you to allow you to examine yourself from a different point of you. We tend to compare ourselves with others, thinking they are so perfect, they handle everything easily, they look confident, so everything must be well in their world.

Believe me, working with clients for 9 years really opened my eyes how people really are. What goes on in someone’s head, heart and soul might not be visible to the outside world, but everyone is “carrying their own cross”, and try to do their best to lead a rewarding life. I hope it allows you to realise and see, feel, sense for yourself how amazing you really are!

I am using my own card deck, incorporating my channelled paintings to deliver messages to you. This is a general reading, so may not resonate with all of you. Just take away what does, and leave the rest. Don’t force it to fit you. There are plenty more readings on my YouTube channel. Check them out and find what inspires you. Enjoy.

If you are in need of some personalised help I have online healing/coaching sessions and in person sessions available. Both can include a free personalised card reading, if you would like to take advantage of it.

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