Weekly Reading 16th- 23rd Sept – Appreciation and Inner Wisdom

This week’s energies are represented by the Orca animal spirit, which brings soul guidance to you. Asking you to allow your inner wisdom surface through meditation. You must trust it to find the right way forward.

Appreciation and gratitude are key ingredients to your success in general, and get centre stage this week.

You are going through some challenging times, and you are feeling the storm brewing. Your thoughts are affected by something unsettling. You must stay away from fear and through connecting with your soul, allow yourself to feel loved and empowered. Rely on the Divine Feminine in you, to truly feel this love and nurture yourself.

Emotionally your family is supporting you. However busy you might be, allow their kindness to flow to you, and be grateful for these loving souls, who hold you up, doesn’t matter what, when you need it the most. And for the third time in this reading, connecting to your intuition is asked for. When you trust it, self-doubt falls away and your light can shine, you can feel confident again.

On the physical level Archangel Chamuel encourages you to keep charging ahead. Your Solar Plexus is glowing with gorgeous energies that allow you to be focused and bring your desires to fruition. As this centre is also about your ego, be careful of not slipping into victim mentality. You are in charge! Take responsibility for your happiness.

If you feel like slipping down emotionally this week, just train yourself to turn that switch from fear to love, by connecting to your higher self, soul, the angels and the Divine through your intuition.

Have a Wonderful Week!

With love, always


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