Total Paradigm Shift is Possible in Your Reality – Weekly Reading 9-16th

Use Your Insight, Inner Vision

The main energy for this week is represented by the Lynx: insight, inner vision. It encourages you to look beyond immediate appearances, and use your intuition. By judging others or events, you might miss an amazing opportunity. So look beyond the obvious and feel/sense your way through to the real essence, energy of the situation.

Dreams or Illusions?

The Dream Walker is asking you to notice whether your dreams are aligned with your higher vision, or they are simply built on illusions. Trust your insights and you can make sure, even if taking that leap of faith to reach your dreams mean to “jump off that cliff” figuratively speaking!!!, you will be held up, by invisible forces, because the Universe is fully supporting you.

Clarity is on its way

The Lady of Lightening means sudden shifts in your life. A storm might be building up right now, and it brings lightening with it, which can be scary. However it can sweep any obstacles out of your way, bringing you light bulb moments and total clarity. Get ready for surprises that can create huge changes, a total paradigm shift in your life. Don’t fear of change, it is inevitable and pushes you to areas you never dreamt of before, which definitely lifts you up to higher consciousness.

Let go of control

The Hungry Ghost is here again, reminding you of the need to let go of obsessive thinking patterns and behaviour. Don’t try to control things and force to know what the future holds. You can’t. So why not surrender, calm your mind, do something that make your heart sing, and take it from there.

Watch what you put in your mouth and what comes out of your mouth

Financially there is good news. As the lightening cleared away the obstacles, there is nothing int he way to hold you back from manifesting your dreams. However don’t forget to keep your energy vibration up with clean eating i.e. high energy, nutritious food, and speaking words of abundance only (Law of Attraction). No gossiping, no complaining, as these turn into negative affirmations, pushing the very things away that you are after. Use loving words and stay positive.

Enjoy the feeling of security

The advice for this week is coming from Archangel Michael, who governs the base chakra. The glowing Red light in this energy centre signals, that the flow of energy is getting restored there. You start to feel more secure. So stand in your power and enjoy this newly found sense of security physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. And trust your inner vision! You are enough in every way!

Have a Wonderful Week!

With love


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