Weekly reading 1st-7th Sept. 2019 – Get Ready for Big Changes!

The theme for this week: Get ready for big changes! The squirrel energy is all about preparation, being alert and being active. So let’s see how you can prepare for these big changes.

The Diamond Dreamer in reverse is challenging you to take a good, deep look inside of you and find out whether you are looking at prosperity in a very narrow-minded way. Material wealth is not everything! Before you can manifest your dreams in life, they appear on the energetic or spirit plane first, and then you can bring them into the 3D, through manifestation. You might be disappointed, because your wish didn’t come true. Don’t forget sometimes the Universe doesn’t grant you things, because there is something better waiting for you. So just keep working on yourself, clear your thoughts, let go of heavy emotions and trust that your hard work will be rewarded.

The Queen of the Light is here to say that you are indeed on the right path. Keep tuned in to your intuition and the guidance from the Universe and that reward we just talked about, will be granted to you. Until then, accept that everything happens in Divine timing and be grateful for all you have in your life right now. 

The Ringmaster of Scrutiny asks you to forget about big actions right now, and focus on the small things you can do and the details instead. And do this in a light-hearted, playful way, to see the magic and beauty of life in everything. It will lift your soul and bring you clarity.

Deservingness – You are worthy! Never forget that! You do deserve to receive abundance in every way possible. Focus on your loving side and find out what is lovable about you. It will help raise you confidence.

Door to personal healing and happinessNew beginnings and positive change is on its way. Keep working on healing your inner issues and make changes in your external world. New opportunities will open up to you, as long as you stay positive.

Indecision – you are energetically stuck regarding a certain situation. You are at crossroads, so you can’t avoid to make a decision in order to get out of stagnation and make progress. Meditate, listen to your inner guidance, your spirit guides, angels… And trust that if you follow your heart, you will make the right choice.

So whatever that big change might be: a new relationship, a new job offer, business opportunity, finding a new place to live or all of it at once, make sure you know what you want from your heart, stay tuned to the guidance from the Universe  and you have every chance to receive it.


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