New Moon Reading 30/08/2019 – Accept the Truth of Who You Are!

The theme for today is Dragonfly – Illusion – You know who you are!

Dragonfly as a spirit animal is about guiding you to the light. It asks you to look inside and ask some questions from yourself:

  • Are you sabotaging yourself in any way in your current situation?
  • Are you making decisions based on fear and past experiences, when you got hurt and wounded, so you fear the same outcome will occur again, if you open your heart?
  • Are these masks, which served their purpose at the time i.e. protected you in certain situations, still working for you? Or are you just fooling yourself?

The message is, if you are fully aware of who you are, you can show up in all areas of your life in all your masks, as your true self.

How to work on yourself?

The Rainbow Prince – After everything you went through, giving your all, you are compensated, rewarded. Just follow your path, perseverance pays off and you receive more than you can imagine.

The Hungry Ghost – asks you to let go of obsessive thinking, addictions, scarcity consciousness. Don’t let life seduce you into situations that just cover up the problems and numb the pain. Don’t try to control everything, you might be pushing away the very thing you most desire. Surrender your desires. Focus on your mission and everything will fall into place.

The Altar Priestess – says to align with your true nature you must go within. Meditate to find the answers to your questions from within, from your vast. beautiful soul. Create a ritual for yourself to help you practice connecting with the Divine every day. Pray, be grateful and this will shift your perception of yourself and the world around you and realise how perfect and sacred everything is around you.

Practical guidance to raise your vibration

No more Complaining – Complaints are affirmations too, but the negative kind. The Law of Attraction works through them too, because they are energy. However their low vibration attract to you the lack of things. So instead of that focus on what you currently have, and be grateful for that. It will raise your vibration straight away to give you a chance to attract positive things and people into your life.

Happy family – is all about joy and celebration. When you are searching your soul to find out who you are, sooner or later you will find that you are LOVE. So lighten up. Put down all those heavy burdens you are carrying.  Having fun, laughter, joy and accepting love from others lifts your mood, therefore your vibration raises. So don’t lock yourself away, literally or in your work! Look for the lighter energies! Notice that there are beautiful connections available to you right now.




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